After all you put me through在你讓我經歷這一切以後

You'd think I despise you你以為我會鄙視你

But in the end, I wanna thank you但是最後我想要向你道謝

Cause you make me that much stronger因為你讓我更加堅強

Never saw it coming從未預料

All of your backstabbing你的所有卑鄙陷害手段

Just so you could cash in在我看透你的把戲之前

On a good thing before I realized your game好處都被你佔盡

I heard you're going around聽說你正在遊戲人間

Playing the victim now成了如今的受害者

But don't even begin但甚至還沒開始

Feeling I'm the one to blame覺得該自我譴責

Cause you dug your own grave因為你是自食惡果

After all of the fights and the lies在所有的爭吵與謊言之後

Yes you wanted to harm me 你還想來糾纏我

but that won't work anymore但不可能在成功

No more, oh no, it's over再也不會一切已結束

Cause if it wasn't for all of your torture若不是因你的折磨

I wouldn't know how to be this way now我如今不會明瞭一切

And never back down也永遠不會放棄

So I wanna say thank you所以我想要向你道謝

Cause it makes me that much stronger因為那令我更加堅強

Makes me work a little bit harder讓我更加努力工作

It  Makes me that much wiser讓我更有智慧

So thanks for making me a fighter所以謝謝你讓我成為鬥士

Made me learn a little bit faster令我學習速度增快

Made my skin a little bit thicker臉皮變厚了些

Makes me that much smarter讓我變得更精明多了

So thanks for making me a fighter所以謝謝你讓我成為鬥士

How could this man I thought I knew我瞭解的人怎麼會

Turn out to be unjust, so cruel變得如此慘忍的不公平

Could only see the good in you只能看見你的好

Pretended not to see the truth假裝不知道真相

You tried to hide your lies, disguise yourself你試圖掩飾謊言偽裝自己

Through living in denial藉此活在否忍當中

But in the end you'll see但最後你將明白

You won't stop me你無法阻止我

I am a fighter and I我是個鬥士

I ain't goin' stop而我不會停止

There is no turning back不會回頭

I've had enough我已受夠了

So thanks for making me a fighter所以謝謝你讓我成為鬥士

So thanks for making me a fighter所以謝謝你讓我成為鬥士


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